September 22

Building Stories That Matter

A message you can’t forget. An image you will always remember. A story that makes you think differently. All part of building stories that matter.

Malcolm Gladwell famously described the “10,000-hour rule”, which relates to a connection between building world class expertise and putting in the practice to get there.

That’s Chris Martin in the world of content and storytelling. It’s a career that started with Dan Rather, who is quoted in Chris’s release, included working at 60 Minutes and led to working with Oprah.

It is expertise that our clients will benefit from as they look to craft stories that shape behavior, open minds and, quite frankly, stand out from all of the other content out there.

By the way, Chris has won six Emmys. If you are wondering, that is six more than I have.

Here is more from the release today.

Today, The Next Practice announces the launch of Next Content Labs led by renowned industry veteran Chris Martin. Next Content Labs will be the content engine that powers client needs across Next Practices Group. Next Content Labs will focus on developing strategic, short-form content solutions and quick-turn videos for businesses, non-profits, healthcare systems, and individuals to help brands shine and break through the noise.

“As a professional, he is exceptionally hard-working, he has limitless creativity, and he has a relentless focus on quality. He also has world-class experience and a justified reputation for exceeding expectations,” said Dan Rather about Chris Martin

“We are incredibly excited to launch a new type of content offering focusing on real-time content for our clients that compels people to engage, not interrupt what they are engaged with,” said Chris Foster, Global CEO of The Next Practice, which is part of The Next Practices Group. “Chris is the perfect person to lead Next Content Labs to drive innovation in human storytelling and content creation for our clients.”

“I’m excited to join The Next Practice,” stated Chris Martin, President of Next Content Labs. “Next Content Labs will chart a course through an increasingly complicated media landscape. To create meaningful and motivating connections in today’s world, it is crucial to generate content that aligns with audiences in agile ways that is driven by analytics, informed by insight, and scaled via technology platforms.”

Chris has held leadership roles in content development that have helped to shape the world we live in today. As a Producer on the venerated news magazine “60 Minutes” he worked closely with legendary reporter and anchor Dan Rather. After 14 years at CBS, he went on to work as a producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show, working closely with the inspiring host and her guests. In 2014, Chris founded the strategic marketing and communications consulting firm LEVER.MEDIA (formerly CAVU Media Works) where he worked with numerous companies to help hone messaging, solve communications challenges and elevate brands and public profiles.

“At CBS News we worked together on many different stories in many different places –in the U.S. and overseas,” said Dan Rather about Chris Martin. “As a professional, he is exceptionally hard-working, he has limitless creativity, and he has a relentless focus on quality. He also has world-class experience and a justified reputation for exceeding expectations.”

Chris has received a Peabody Award and four Emmy awards for his work in broadcast television. Most recently he won two Emmy’s for his documentary work examining national issues through a local lens. The programs “Lone Star Crisis”, “Faith and Firepower” and “L.A. Under the Gun” were widely praised for their ability to present a fair and accurate representation of the opioid epidemic and gun violence in both Texas and Southern California.

“It has never been easier for a business to get its message out to the world, but it has never been harder for it to get noticed,” Foster continued. “Great content that people want to participate in, and share is what can make the difference. It ultimately builds bridges of empathy in a world that desperately needs our engagement.”

By Bob Pearson, CEO

Photo by Donald Tong on Pexels

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