September 26

What’s next (in this crazy world of technology) for communicators?

We are at an inflection point for the communications function.   

Software is finally being developed to meet the needs of those of us who help build and share powerful stories. Data scientists are creating new models that drive insights we didn’t have before. 

It’s a great time to build the next wave of models and, quite frankly, positions to protect and promote brands, organizations and the citizens of our world. 

This week, PR Council asked if I would speak on “What’s Next.”  It was a fun session with great Q&A, which you can listen to here

Before you do, here are a few examples of why I believe we are entering a new phase of communications that requires us to become experts in how to utilize technology in new ways. 

Imagine one person doing the work of 30 – Iternal Technologies has built a software platform that can organize video, for example, into “blocks”, so that you can hold a one-hour video session and then create dozens or hundreds of personalized videos. Here’s an example from Dell

Imagine having your entire intranet in your pocket – Aimcast has created a platform that enables us to build “channels” for the CEO or a brand launch or a division, where we can share our views, listen to leaders and receive new content, all in a private mobile app.

Imagine getting 10x the views of your stories – Shorthand has provided a new way to build highly engaging stories that, in the case of RELX, has led to 10x higher views. 

Imagine helping to reach new communities via new media models – Ideas Beyond Borders is literally translating the world’s information into Arabic to reach 22 countries in the Middle East and the Arabic-speaking population worldwide. What started as a translation exercise has turned into a new style of media platform.

Imagine protecting those who are oppressed with new tools to circumvent censorship – Psiphon is one of those tools developed by the University of Toronto to improve one’s safety when receiving content in places where oppression exists and censorship is expected. 

And the list goes on.

We have an opportunity to work differently, reach our employees more effectively, educate the citizens of our world and protect our communities. It is really up to us to embrace technology and make it all happen. 

In the Q&A, we discussed a number of topics, ranging from the metaverse to cryptocurrency to what my favorite future app might be. 

For this last item, I said it would be a new “health menome” that would aggregate our sequenced genes, health records, health workouts and take in data from sensors in our equipment, clothing and more and then figure out how we can improve our health on a daily basis.

Technology can make our data talk to itself and develop new insights. But we still need to address regulations and privacy and security to make a dream like this a reality. 

It’s always fun to share ideas with people who want to make a difference in our world. 

Hope you listen in….and, more importantly, hope you add in what you believe is “next” in the world of technology for communicators.

By Bob Pearson, CEO

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Pexels

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