Our Approach: Business of Health & Life Sciences.

At Bliss, we know that every client has its own DNA — a unique culture and approach to working with its core constituencies and delivering critical messages in its own way. Bliss works directly with C-suite, marketing, medical and communications executives to cut to the heart of the matter.

We gain alignment on their aspirations, identify solutions to create measurable behavior change for critical stakeholders and deliver tangible results. Our clients trust Bliss as a long-term partner to set a strategic communications path and execute new, creative ways to address their business challenges in this increasingly complex healthcare economy.

Our Expertise

Our team understands how the infrastructure of healthcare works.

Improving the business of health contributes to improving outcomes for patients and the efficiency for providers. 

We combine this expertise with decades of experience in launching new drugs, devices and diagnostics.

The result we pursue is simple. Better health outcomes for all.

We offer end-to-end communications and marketing solutions that help our clients connect with stakeholders and influencers within the healthcare supply chain, and deliver compelling stories about the science, strategy or technology behind a company or product.

Our creative and agile approach to strategic communications, underpinned by data science, allows us to problem solve for our clients, while discovering unique and untapped opportunities.

We live within the health media ecosystem. The right stories help lead to the right outcomes.

Discover your unique advantage.