Introducing X Labs

X Labs is The Bliss Group’s innovation incubator. In partnership with The Next Practice and some of the world’s most groundbreaking technology companies, we’re building new models and solutions that will shape the future of marketing communications—and unlock new value for our clients.

The X Labs team of data scientists, analysts, developers, and PR and marketing experts is united in a common core purpose: to discover—or create—the X-factor that will have the biggest positive impact on the outcomes that matter most—to our clients, their customers and society at large.

New Solutions

Audience Architecture

Leverage machine learning, data analytics and highly targeted social listening to identify, analyze and engage the decision-makers and influencers that matter most.

Content Capsule

A new kind of ad unit that brings target audiences through the customer journey without ever leaving the page.

Pod Forum

A multimedia content and community platform with podcasts at the heart, capable of boosting customer and employee engagement by 300%.

New Models

The 1:9:90 Model

Adapting the 1:9:90 Model of Influence for the social and digital landscape.

Search Media Relations

An algorithmic approach to prioritizing media outlets based on SEO impact.

Content Blockification

Hyper-personalization at scale by organizing any type of content in stackable blocks.

Our Innovation Partners

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