A Data-Driven Approach to Better Serve Clients and Colleagues

As a data-driven marketing communications agency, we at the Bliss Group recognize the power of actionable data. Not only do data and insights enable us to understand our clients’ unique pain points, but they also help us build effective content and campaigns, foster strong relationships with clients, streamline workflows and enhance collaboration.  

While some of our clients are in data-forward industries, others still rely on legacy tools and manual processes. We love to introduce our clients—regardless of where they are in their digital maturity—to intuitive platforms and approaches that improve our ability to collaborate and ultimately maximize our value. On that note, Bliss Vice President, Alana Gold, recently sat down with Airtable to share how our transition away from Excel-driven data reporting and analysis transformed actionable client data into meaningful results. Alana also shared how updating our data analytics approaches helped us better develop and manage client content, improve project management, foster creative brainstorming and budget effectively.   

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By The Bliss Group, featuring an interview with Alana Gold

Photo by Pexels