Find Your Purpose, Make an Impact

Every organization leaves a mark on our world, wielding enormous power to shape our collective future. But they also face rapidly evolving risks. Confronting dynamic regulatory targets, conflicting consumer demands and significant cultural shifts, leaders need to answer a complex and far-reaching question: What will your organization’s impact be?

Bliss Impact helps clients unlock their power to positively impact the planet, their people, and the communities in which they operate. With decades of experience in corporate social responsibility and all things marketing, we provide counsel, campaign strategy and communications support to clients seeking to align strategic priorities and sustainable programs with societal change. 

As a purpose-driven firm ourselves, we believe every business should serve a purpose beyond profit. In times of crisis and calm, we work with you to accelerate impact initiatives, mitigate reputational risk and engage on the issues that matter most. 

How We Help

Powering Your Purpose

Define your organization’s purpose and bring it to life through authentic communication and activation campaigns.

Developing Your Communications Strategy

Develop impact/ESG communications programs and campaigns that showcase firms’ impact initiatives from launch to maturity, both internally and externally.

Elevating Your Voice

Insert your differentiated perspective, thought leadership, and achievements into the public discourse.

Reaching Relevant Stakeholders

Understand what key stakeholders want and communicate values and commitments to them via the right channels and at the right time.

Managing Risk & Reputation

Manage ESG-linked reputational risks and regulatory challenges and develop long-term reputation management strategies.

Where We Focus

The Environment

  • Alternative energy solutions
  • Climate change
  • Environmental protection
  • Supply chain sustainability and stewardship

Capital Markets

  • Externalities of investments and business activity
  • Impact investing strategies (public and private)
  • ESG-linked transactions
  • Employee ownership models
  • Foundation endowments and portfolios 

The Workplace

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments
  • Workplace initiatives and human capital development
  • Labor trends and the future of work
  • Job quality and employee wellbeing

Community Engagement

  • Community outreach and stewardship programs
  • Public health/wellness campaigns and health equity
  • Local-level reputational challenges and stakeholder opposition
  • Data privacy

Governance & Compliance

  • Counsel on corporate impact and ESG commitments
  • Board and management diversity
  • Proxy solicitations
  • Peer benchmarking on ESG factors