Bliss Impact

We believe that by collaborating with our clients to implement meaningful and inspiring programs, we can—together—bring to bear a global society that is equitable, thoughtful and deliberately impactful.  

Our 7 Pillars of Purpose 

Bliss Impact is focused on providing counsel, campaigns and collaboration to clients seeking to align strategic priorities and sustainable programs with societal change. Bliss Impact aims to help clients launch and manage purpose-driven initiatives related to the following sectors:  

  • The Environment

    Environmental protection, reducing the threat of climate change and introducing alternative energy solutions. 

  • The Workplace

    Equity, diversity and inclusion, as well as the future of work. 

  • Reputation

    Awareness of and compliance with new measures, rankings, proxy solicitations and other benchmarks of corporate progress. 

  • Investing

    Guidance on the societal impacts of company investments.

  • Social Engagement

    Media literacy initiatives, programs that educate the public about cyberbullying and other pro-social undertakings.

  • Societal Protection

    Awareness of and education on how bad actors target companies and consumers and thwart their activities. 

  • Governance

    Championing policy that positively affects all the above. 

Bliss Impact is a founding member of purposewerx, a first-of-its-kind global collective created to drive and scale business and social impact. By uniting under a common mission, these independent purpose-driven technology and professional services companies have joined forces to offer unparalleled global reach, deeper capabilities, and more powerful collaboration to support companies, causes, consumers and communities. 

Ready to make an impact?