Building a Purpose Offering…with Purpose

Purpose is a powerful word.

In a world filled with need…and questions…

How do we open minds related to being a more inclusive society?

What is our approach to minimize the impact of mis and disinformation?

How do we improve our climate through our own actions step by step?

What can we do to thwart human traffickers?

The list is far too long, which is why we are committed to building a purpose offering that is as strong as any practice we might build for an industry.

We believe that purpose is a place where we should never hide behind acronyms or the noise of a divided society.

We imagine all of the people who are battling everything from bias to cartels, who don’t have time to pontificate. We need to ramp up what we do and make it happen.

That is why we are ensuring that all of our expertise and skills for all firms (communications, marketing, public affairs, security, data science and analytics, content science, PESO media, software solutions and more) is available Day One for our new Purpose Group.

Today, we are making an important step towards building an offering that matches our ambition. Matchfire, a firm dedicated to purpose, will join us to build new solutions for the clients we serve.

When we got to know the founders, Chris Noble, Brian Powell and Joey Leslie, we realized that their commitment and our teams, together, can make an impact larger than being on our own. Their firm is an award-winning digital media and design agency specializing in purpose-driven work.

As a result, we are including Bliss Impact, ChangeX, Games4Good and Matchfire in one overall Purpose Group that will reflect our desires to help those who are underserved or underrepresented in our society.

To the Matchfire team, we thank you for everything you have already done to make our world a better place. Now we lean forward to create the next chapter together with the urgency it deserves.

Read the press release here.

Bob Pearson, Cortney Stapleton, Michael Roth