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Managing Volatility

Change is the only constant in the financial markets, except for the rare “UNCH” you might see in a stock’s daily price performance. Volatility has...

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The Power of PR During Economic Uncertainty

Political or social instability, stock market crashes, new fiscal policies, asset bubble bursts and psychological factors have all been named culprits of economic decline at...

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Fantastic Fun at the Financial Follies: An Evening of Sparkle, Celebration and Singing at One of Journalism’s Premier Events

Founded in 1938, the New York Financial Writers’ Association (NYFWA) is the nation’s oldest organization for financial and business reporters. The association hosts networking opportunities,...

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March Brings Madness to the Financial Markets

I, like many sports fans, enjoy March Madness. For the uninitiated, it’s the nickname for the tournament of all tournaments (save for the World Cup)....

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PR & Media for Finance & Accounting

Reed Handley discusses PR and media for finance and accounting on the Institute of Management Accountants’ (IMA) Count Me In podcast.

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What’s Driving Digital Transformation in Financial Services?

Financial services firms think they’re doing a good job of providing personalized customer experiences. The truth? They’re not.

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