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4 Ways to Start Harnessing the Power of AI in Digital Marketing

Big tech companies have been broadcasting their Artificial Intelligence (AI) breakthroughs ever since Open AI’s ChatGPT became a sensation late last year. In fact, Microsoft...

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How to Choose a KPI for Your Digital Marketing Campaign: Decisions, Decisions!

Picture it: you’ve been tasked with building a digital marketing campaign. You’ve done your homework and identified the ideal budget, optimal audience targeting and written...

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Power, Unchecked: How the Fate of Twitter’s Blue Check Might Impact Thought Leadership

The domino effect of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter continues to rattle the PR industry. Whereas a previous Bliss Blog post provides a timeline of...

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PR Tips for Navigating a Turbulent Twittersphere

As thought leadership becomes increasingly integral to brand strategy, recent years have seen PR and communications professionals center client campaigns around Twitter. From a PR...

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Discussing Digital Marketing with Melissa Stone, The Bliss Group’s Vice President of Digital Media

In October, The Bliss Group welcomed Vice President of Digital Media, Melissa Stone, to our growing team. Melissa comes to Bliss with a wealth of...

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How to Approach the Buyer’s Full-Funnel with LinkedIn Advertising Strategies

Advertising has grown to take many forms over the years. If you were born before Y2K, most of the ads you saw growing up were...

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