The Importance of Enterprise Technology Expertise

When I was in seventh grade, if you heard me say “I love science and technology,” you might have scratched your head. I was a good student, but I just didn’t appreciate the power of what I was learning.

The reality is I do now and there is a good reason for it. 

Technology powers our world.  Science drives what’s next. And they go together. If we want to understand how inflection AI may someday change customer experience, it helps to know how the technology works.  If we want to speed up a drug approval process, we need the best cloud and security technology to make it possible to send enough files to fill up a tractor trailer in bits and bytes. 

And when we go deeper into what’s next, we can see the importance of how we will describe what digital trust means or why 3D printing is valuable or how robotics will continue to evolve supply chains and manufacturing or what benefits will be gained via edge computing or how IoT devices talk to each other or why cybersecurity is evolving.

Our team’s expertise is centered on how to create and share powerful stories that shape markets. And we protect those same stories from “intruders”, whether they be antagonists or competitors. Our skill is making the complex simple. Our ability to deliver the story precisely to the right people in the right channels ensures the story reaches its potential. The media world is really driven by humans, not outlets, so how we explain technology, how we share a story and how we align with their desire and ability to hear and absorb the story makes the difference. 

Said another way, a pound of clips falls into the “who cares” bucket. A powerful story that changes minds, simplifies a company’s technology platform and reaches its intended audience? That matters. 

By Bob Pearson

Photo by Pixabay via Pexels