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PRo Tips: 5 Creative Ways to Get a Reporter’s Attention

Securing the interest of a reporter or editor is an important skill for every PR professional. However, it’s common for some pitches to come up...

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PRo Tips: How to Help Subject Matter Experts Ace Media Interviews

As public relations professionals, securing interest from the media to speak to a client is a huge win – but the job isn’t done there....

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PRo Tips: Building Meaningful Media Relationships

Successfully securing media opportunities requires delivering value to the reporter, the reporter’s audience and the outlet – which ultimately helps public relations professionals provide value...

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What PR Pros Should Expect from the Media Landscape in 2024  

Integrated earned media has been a core offering of The Bliss Group since its founding in 1975. While relationships with reporters and journalists remain critical,...

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Advice I Wish I’d Taken: Lessons Learned from a Senior PR Executive

I’ve had a pretty fortunate career and over the years I’ve been given a lot of great advice about how to succeed in public relations...

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The Golden Question: What Do You Want to Achieve?

This blog was originally published by Qwoted for their “Qwoted 100 PR Superstars” series in December 2023. “What do you want to achieve?” Bliss Group...

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