A Digital PR Starter Kit for B2B Companies

Today I’m speaking in a free webinar for Marketing Cloud called “Using Social Tools for B2B Storytelling & Demand Generation.” Jason Baer, Adam Metz and I will cover social media tools you can’t live without, top tips and success metrics.

As part of my preparation for the webinar, I began to review my advice to companies over the past few years. When taken together, the following posts are a good digital PR starter kit for businesses that are ready to make social media a part of their marketing mix:

Step 1: Create a game plan to S.E.L.L.

Start by listening, then establish common interests. We encourage folks to look for favors after you’ve earned credibility. But perhaps the most important rule? Love your audience, especially when they are not in sync with you.

Step 2: There is almost always an audit

A social media audit is a research “deep dive” that examines the social landscape, challenges and opportunities for your company and its competitors. It’s the hardest, most important part of any social media engagement. These tips help you find where the bodies are buried.

Step 3: Your quick start becomes a slow march

Social media may not cost much in terms of dollars, but it can be highly painful in terms of time. In the linked speech and post, we look at B2B tools that add value, not just time.

Step 4: Think “story,” not necessarily content

Most marketers now understand that social media requires and consumes vast amounts of content. It’s very easy in this environment to forget that it’s really quite simple.  Human beings actually want stories, not “content.” So give them what they need. In this guest post for Jay Baer, I explain how to find your own stories.

Step 5: Bring your stories to life

After I wrote that post for Jay, Trey Pennington asked me to discuss stories with him on Social Media Professor. I created a worksheet to help you find your own stories quickly.  Print out the worksheet and ask your marketing team to each fill it out. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the collective power of the insights.

Step 6: Keep going

Yes, I know it’s hard. But we’ve each got to keep working on developing smart, passionate and compelling content. In a guest post for the Content Marketing Institute, I give you 20 clues to find the B2B content your audience really wants.

B2Bs have an extraordinary opportunity to deepen relationships with their customers and prospects through social media. Do you think this starter kit will help you get off on the right foot? Can you offer your best piece of advice to those who are just starting out?


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