Research & Analytics

We believe data should be the foundation of everything you do, from who you target to where you target them to what content and messages you share with your audience. Our proprietary research methods, algorithms and analytics models uncover actionable audience and competitor insights to inform your strategies, measure impact and optimize performance.

Thought Leadership & Executive Visibility

We help brands and leaders find and articulate their differentiated perspective. Our goal is to help you become a market influencer known for your expertise and perspective, and humanize your story. We want you to create a personal brand that adds value to your organization’s reputation.

Corporate Affairs &
Issues Management

We help protect and promote the reputation of organizations and their leaders, focusing on interactions and shifting perceptions across all company stakeholders and constituencies. And as new issues emerge, we help clients define their positioning and evangelize their corporate purpose.

Brand Strategy

Through a collaborative process of research and discovery, we learn how your brand is perceived, and help you develop and evolve your brand positioning to reflect who you are today and where you’re going tomorrow. Then we bring it to life through your visual identity and throughout internal and external communications.

Media Relations & Results

Relationships and results. That’s what you can expect when you work with Bliss. Our relationships run deep, spanning top-tier national, trade and local publications. We take a holistic view of the traditional and digital media landscape, focusing on securing coverage on the channels with the greatest reach and relevance. Mining insights from your thought leaders, industry developments and public and proprietary data, we uncover unique angles that are both newsworthy and compelling to your employees and customers.

Integrated Marketing

We are integrated marketing and communications experts who understand how paid, earned, shared and owned (PESO) media work together. With a focus on message consistency and precision targeting, we help you develop and execute campaigns to amplify reach and shape audience behaviors.

Content & Creative

Short-form, long-form, audio, video or interactive. We know how to tell your story across mediums and channels, in the language of your industry and customers. We’re more than writers and designers; we’re content marketing and industry experts. No matter how complex the subject matter or how technical the piece, we can help you craft a narrative with a clear “so what.”

Digital Marketing

You need to be where your audience is—with the right content, at the right time. We can show you how. Our social media veterans have built global social media functions from the ground up. Our digital marketing experts are regularly asked to analyze the top digital media trends for the 190+ countries of the United Nations. We’ll help you identify the channels where your audiences engage most, build your brand, amplify your messages, and increase web traffic and conversions through paid and organic strategies.