Get inside the minds of senior executives

Get inside the minds of your target buyers with Executive Signals, an audience intelligence platform that tracks the online behavior of senior business leaders. 

Analyzing executive conversations and engagement on social media, the Executive Signals Platform (ESP) provides insight into the interests, pain points and preferences of business and government executives. 

With ESP, you can:

  • Understand the trends and topics that are top of mind for your key buyers
  • Identify the publications that receive the most engagement
  • Discover the most relevant influencers 

The ESP audience includes:

850+ Execs

Including CEOs, CFOs and CHROs

8 Industries

Including financial services, healthcare, retail, technology, education, professional services, manufacturing and the public sector

650+ Organizations

Including private and public companies

2+ Years of Data

Broken down by 10+ themes and 50+ subthemes

Marketers and communicators use ESP for…

Media Relations

Prioritize outreach based on the publications and topics that are shared and discussed the most.


Incorporate the language of your buyers into key messages and align conversations to their most pressing pain points.

Content Creation

Develop thought leadership and demand gen content based on the topics that are currently top of mind.

Influencer Engagement

Identify the most influential players in your space for potential collaboration.

Sales Intelligence

Head into your next sales meeting knowing exactly what your prospect has been reading and what topics are on their radar.

Benchmarking Executive Visibility

ESP can also be used to benchmark your executive social thought leadership program against your industry peers. Compare and contrast post volume and frequency as well as engagement activity. Quickly gauge which topics your competitors are talking about, what’s resonating and where there may be whitespace.  

Subscription to Executive Signals includes a monthly report with actionable insights and recommendations. Analysis is tailored by client and audiences can be further customized as needed. 

Want to get a pulse on what executives want? Let’s chat more about ESP.