Staying ahead of what’s next

X Labs is The Bliss Group’s innovation incubator. In partnership with the Next Practices Group and some of the world’s most groundbreaking technology companies, we’re building new models and solutions that will shape the future of marketing communications—and unlock new value for our clients.

The X Labs team of data scientists, analysts, developers, and PR and marketing experts is united in a common core purpose: to discover—or create—the X-factor that will have the biggest positive impact on the outcomes that matter most—to our clients, their customers and society at large.

From the Lab

Audience Architecture

We build audience ecosystems that deliver analytics-driven insights on what content will resonate with your audience, and where, when and how to target them.


Executive Signals

Executive Signals is an audience intelligence platform that analyzes executives’ online conversations. Gauge relevance of key trends and topics and track how interest changes over time.


Speed Data

What do your customers want? How do they feel about your brand? What messages resonate? Ask and get answers in 2 days (or less). 


LinkedIn Accelerator

Based on the 1-9-90 model, we’ve created a methodology to move executives up the continuum of influence and cement their thought leadership on LinkedIn.


ABM Accelerator

Account-based marketing (ABM) delivers higher ROI than any other B2B marketing tactic—if done right. We create ABM programs clients can implement now while accelerating overall maturity. 


CTRx Pathways

Built during the height of the pandemic, CTRx Pathways is designed to accelerate and diversify clinical trial enrollment using a series of new media models.


Trends We’re Monitoring


The erosion of trust extends beyond the government and media to business. Combatting disinformation is now a pillar of corporate social purpose.

The Netflix Effect

Consumers and B2B buyers want the same thing: content served up to them based on their unique interests and preferences.

Marketing Analytics

More insight into customers powers personalization; better measurement of performance enables content optimization—and increases pressure to prove ROI.

AI and Automation

From streamlining workflows to enabling personalization at scale, AI and automation are enabling more effective marketing strategies and more efficient agency relationships.

The Future of Search

From the rapid growth of voice search to Google’s ongoing tweaks to its search algorithm, SEO and SEM best practices are in constant flux.

The Collision of Marketing & CX

Content is a part of the digital experience, increasing in importance as more of the customer journey shifts to digital channels.

The Cookieless Cliff

Google plans to phase out third-party cookies by 2023—meaning many of the facets digital marketers rely on to target audiences and measure performance are going away.

The Metaverse & Web 3.0

New virtual worlds create opportunities for innovative content formats and interactive experiences.  

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