Ask Better Questions: The Starting Point for Creating Effective B2B PR & Marketing Content

Have you ever had “Blank Sheet Syndrome?” That’s the not-so-rare disease many people face when it comes time to create new public relations and social media content that advances their business goals. In an environment where we are told repeatedly that superior thought leadership is necessary for survival, “writer’s block” could even cost you your job.

The good news? Your good ideas are lurking in your subconscious, you just need to identify the right triggers to wake them up.

Most people start, logically enough, by identifying and describing the main categories of your business, including details that feel “humdrum.” In the infographic below, that’s the “Old School” approach that should yield some food for thought.  You can take the “Old School” queries even further by conducting a roundtable where you ask colleagues or clients to compare notes on how they would answer those questions.

But…you’ll be a better content marketer and storyteller if you ask the “New School” version of those questions:

What questions help you overcome Blank Sheet Syndrome and create great marketing ideas?

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