Attention College Graduates: Now that you’ve landed the job, what’s your social strategy?

When it comes to searching for a job, more and more college students and recruiters are turning toward social media (as my colleague Berj showed in his post last month). Between Twitter chats, LinkedIn job posts and the vast popularity of Facebook, opportunities to find jobs and make key connections using social media are endless. But, once you land that dream job, then what? How do you transition your social media strategy to the business world?

In college, my main goal was to use social platforms to establish the necessary contacts to find my dream job. Now, my goal is to be identified as a valuable public relations resource within the professional and financial service industries, so my strategy had to reflect this goal. Being just one year out of college, I have made several adjustments (with much guidance from my colleagues) before “settling” on my current digital PR strategy. Because each platform targets a different audience, I informally established personal guidelines for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

As I began to make my transition, I found that for every tool I used in college to find a job, there was an equal tool I could use after college to connect with industry experts. Here are some of my suggestions for altering your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn strategy:


What would you add to these tips? How can recent college graduates shift their digital PR strategy to better adjust to the new PR world? What suggestions can we offer for other social networks?


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