Bliss Impact: Our Seven Pillars of Purpose

A great marketing communication firm often serves as a navigator in the ever-changing marketplace. We take the time to understand what trends will be important to our clients and then figure out how we can prepare, embrace and make a difference together at the right time and in the right manner.  

We view change as a time to improve our value, show the importance of one’s vision and actions and take the course that makes the best difference and experience for all. 

That is why we have formed a new practice within The Bliss Group—Bliss Impact. 

Bliss Impact is focused on providing counsel, campaigns and collaboration to clients where societal change intersects with the organization’s strategic priorities and abilities to build sustainable programs, models, services and more. 

In listening to our clients and our friends who are dedicated to social impact, we see seven pillars of purpose where Bliss Impact plays a significant role:

Our Earth – This ranges from protecting our environment and reducing the threat of climate change to introducing new alternative energy solutions. 

Our Workplace – This area includes the diversity, equity and inclusion of our workforce and what the future of work looks like for organizations.

Our Reputation – Societal change leads to new measures, new rankings, new proxy solicitations and other mechanisms that check the progress of companies.

Our Investments – How companies choose to grow their current business or where they invest next are all decisions that can make a measurable societal difference. 

Our Social Engagement – For example, how do we decrease cyberbullying or learn how to distinguish between real news and disinformation?

Our Societal Protections – For example, how do we work to improve citizens’ understanding of bad actors? How do we make it easier to protect our customers? 

Our Governance – What types of changes in governance will have an impact on all the above, and how do we help champion these changes for our clients?

We see a purpose-driven world as one where we are all changing via our collective views, technology, investments or policy. In all cases, it is a firm like ours, in close collaboration with our clients, that makes incremental steps that add up over time. 

In most cases, the steps we take together may seem small, but they all count. It’s a journey going in the right direction that we are proud to be part of with our current and future clients. 

By Bob Pearson, Michael Roth, and Cortney Stapleton