Caring, not cutthroat

While the name BlissPR comes from our eponymous founder, some people think it was chosen for its definition as a noun. We at Bliss like to think it is a mixture of the two.

That thought was validated when BlissPR was ranked #10 on Crain’s annual Best Places to Work in New York City list—both an honor and confirmation that our culture is indeed a unique one.

I will do my best not to boast my company pride. The intent of my post is not to encourage potential hires to apply for a job or to transform prospective clients into daily business partners. I think it is simply good practice to celebrate the fact that there are some places where employees are treated as owners and bosses are more like mentors. After a year of working at Bliss, I have learned that our NYC PR/marketing firm is one of these places.

At the Crain’s luncheon announcing the rankings, I heard a panel discussion among three executives whose companies have graced the “Best Places” list three years in a row. Michael Cassidy, Founder & CEO of Undertone, noted it is vital to make employees feel “special.” Corny as it sounds, making employees feel special is extremely underrated. The management team and senior staff at Bliss grasp this concept and have grown a company where the employees are genuinely nice. I have often found that nice tends to be associated with professionals who are pushovers; in reality, this is very far from the truth.

Each of the 50 companies ranked on the list was given a mini-slogan by Crain’s that epitomized their culture. BlissPR was cited as “caring, not cutthroat.” While nice, we have a client list with big clients and have remained profitable throughout the recession; we have also kept our internal communications strategy and business marketing strategy consistent. Some companies believe a cutthroat environment is the only road that leads to success; we at Bliss take a different road, one that has taken us in the right direction for 35 years.

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