Creating Content Where There Isn’t Any (Or You Don’t Think There Is)

Tackling the first one first – assembly of the blog post.  Take note:

1) The embedded video itself is from the soldier’s personal YouTube account, which has (count it) – only 1 video on it – this one.

2) The GMA Tumblr blog has chosen to use Facebook Comments for their commenting platform. Facebook Comments in this particular case is an ideal choice as it gives each commenter the option of posting their comment to their own Facebook profile as well as leaving the comment on the post.

c) As of the day of its posting, this news story can’t actually be found on the GMA Facebook wall (even though they’ve chosen to use Facebook Comments).  As our own Elizabeth Sosnow reminds us frequently – not all content is appropriate for all of your digital outposts.

d) By placing the Facebook Comments plug-in directly above the Tumblr notes section the two commenting platforms appear nearly seamless.

And now let’s take a close look at how GMA created the content.  Look very closely at the blog post again.

The only content GMA created for this post was 53 words of text introducing the video.

Surely your own company (Consumer, B2B, Tech, Healthcare or anyone) can as easily find and curate relevant content for your own audiences.

What other methods do you have for creating content from thin air?

(CC) Image courtesy Flickr user fauxto_digit