How to Find and Narrate the B2B Stories in your Intellectual Capital: A worksheet

Do you see your client as a “Cinderella” that’s waiting to be discovered? Is there a Hannibal Lecter menacing your company’s halls? Or is there a Superman in your CEO’s office?

You may not initially see your colleagues as superheroes or think that your marketing content could become a successful fairytale. But keep trying. It works.

As I observed in “7 Ways to Find your Stories,” human beings love – and learn best – through stories.  A tall tale, a parable, morality play…we’ll listen to almost anything if you turn it into a narrative.

That being said, Scheherazade had a pretty tough gig to keep that King interested…and that was well before Search Engine Optimization (SEO) arrived.  You’ll need to develop content that will lure eyeballs and web traffic long after 1,001 nights pass.  And – in some cases – express it in 140 characters or less (click here for a list of 7 Interesting Storytellers to follow on Twitter).

Even the best storytellers need an assist now and then.  So here is a worksheet to help you map out the stories you already have…and the stories you need to develop. (But we can’t do anything about blood-thirsty Kings or the equivalent.)

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