Is a picture really worth 1000 words?

Having built my career communicating creative ideas for B2B businesses with artfully crafted words, I sometimes forget to incorporate my personal passion for photography into my everyday work.  Because of the SEO power of pictures, I dutifully scour Flickr for images to accompany posts or jazz up PPT presentations. But, I never thought of marrying photography and writing until a colleague recently asked me about my days at Fashion Institue of Technology and the International Center of Photography.  That inspired me to dust off my old portfolios and look at the photos through my B2B marketing lens. While the palladium prints and Polaroid transfers are not the most conducive to accompany strategic marketing communications, I found a spate of digital pics from trips I have taken that actually speak to PR strategies and tactics. Suddenly a lighthouse at night symbolizes a targeted thought leadership campaign piercing through the dark competitive landscape.  An alley in Zhouzhuang becomes a window into a SWOT discussion.  A roadside sign in the Kauai countryside is now a mile marker for the direction your company’s thought leadership campaign could take.

Maybe a picture is worth a 1000 words?

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