Is Your B2B PR Program Trying to Tackle Too Much?

You can see evidence of this in a MarketingProfs LinkedIn group discussion about the biggest challenges facing B2B marketing today. Many of the responses touch on time, resources and relevance. But what they all really connect back to is focus.

It’s easy to get distracted by new ideas, new tactics, the buzz of social media, etc. The hard part: having a disciplined public relations plan and strategy against which to execute. This means filtering out great ideas that don’t further your goals, and having the patience to stick with a plan. Without a solid plan, both your resources and results will be scattered and you will hear internal chatter that “marketing doesn’t work,” argues Debra Andrews.

How can you develop a more focused public relations strategy?

Find your sweet spot and make it central to your strategy

Optimize that in as many ways as possible

Center your plan on a few key themes that address your clients needs and support your brand

Unify employees around brand attributes & messages; without their support, your efforts fail

Set goals and reasonable timelines, but have the flexibility to adjust as you go


What tips would you add for companies struggling to keep their B2B PR program focused?


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