Key to a Solid B2B Social Media Strategy: A Good Audit – Reality Show Style

Good social media audits carry the suspense and drama of a reality show like “The Bachelor.” Hear me out. Girl walks in – immediately sizes up the competition, gets involved in the chatter, becomes quickly wrapped up in the dynamics, makes assumptions and then just when she thinks “he’s the man I’m going to marry…” Bye. Bye. No rose for you.

In the case of a social media audit, your role is producer. Your mission: dig up the dirt, seek out gossip, find conflict and don’t stop nosing around until you’ve got the components of a good show. How boring is it to watch a reality show where there is no conflict or challenge? The same holds true for a good audit.

So, what little gems create the “good stuff?” The chart below features a few common challenges you might encounter. Don’t view these as a stopping point. Instead, see how you can push through and turn it to your advantage. This is often where the magic happens:

You can find a great audit research checklist from my colleague Elizabeth Sosnow here.

What other challenges have you encountered that you would add to this list? 

Photo by a.saliga


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