Why We Are Launching NextTech Communications

Technology is revolutionizing our lives. 

It is driving the productivity and economic growth of major economies worldwide. It is creating new processes and techniques and demanding new skills that are leading to an evolution of business models in nearly every industry.   

It also has unintended consequences, ranging from the rise in mis- and disinformation to how bad actors use the same technology models and techniques to sell illegal goods and services or hack into our systems.   

And we’re really just getting started, as we look at a future filled with information-sharing sensors, new ways to analyze data, the next generation of devices within IoT (Internet of Things), autonomous travel and much more.   

Technology is an area that touches everything we do for every client we will serve today and tomorrow.   

It’s why we are forming NextTech Communications, which will be led by CEO Janine Savarese.   

Within The Bliss Group, we have a savvy team that works on technology-related business today. That will always continue. The big difference for us with NextTech is we are making a conscious choice to go deep into tech and build our expertise in technology, so that when we create and share the stories of our clients, we know that our sense of the market’s future is aligned with theirs.  

We work today in financial services, health care and professional services.  In each case, we go deep, whether it is investment banking, insurance, recruiting or clinical trials. It is our strongly held belief that we need to understand the dynamics of a market, the nuances of a category and the rhythm of how it operates if we are to provide the best ideas, campaigns, and counsel.  

The result is NextTech Communications.   

The journey begins…… 

Note: NextTech Communications is a new technology-centered firm within The Bliss Group.   

By Bob Pearson, Cortney Stapleton, and Michael Roth