The Nitty Gritty: How to Add a Blog Feed to Your LinkedIn Profile

Over the last few posts I’ve discussed potential strategies for professional service and B2B organizations to implement social media in their marketing and communications campaigns.  At the other end of the spectrum internally we frequently create highly detailed How-To documents for ourselves and clients covering how to specifically use a service, platform, or specific feature of one tool or another.

Recently, the idea was put forward that there might be others outside our immediate staff and client community who would find great value in these types of instructional documents.  After some thought and a brief internal discussion, we decided he might just be right and so decided to launch The Nitty Gritty series to address the actual hands-on issues of using the tools technology give us.

In this first post, we’ll address adding a blog’s feed (presumably your own to flex your thought leadership muscles for the crowd) to your LinkedIn profile using the BlogLink LinkedIn application.  I do use my own profile in the below screenshots, your exact layout may vary.

How to add a Blog / RSS Feed to a LinkedIn Profile

1)      Login to LinkedIn

2)      Click on application directory under the “More” title menu option.

3)       Click Blog Link (for me it appears as the third entry in the first column)

4)      Click Add application.  Ensure both “Display on my profile” and “Display on LinkedIn Homepage” boxes are checked

5)      Click on the By Me Tab

6)      Click on Edit Profile

7)      The Blog Link box should show that you do not have a blog in your profile.

8)      Click on the Edit Profile Tab



9)      Click on Add a Website

10)   Select RSS Feed from the drop down box

11)   Paste in the appropriate Feed address

12)   Click save changes:

13)   Success:

14)   Click View profile and confirm the Blog Link has linked items properly

With that your blog should now be linked to your LinkedIn profile.

As a best practice you should, of course, update your status (the “What’s on your mind” prompt) with new blog posts and links so they appear in your colleague’s Network Activity as well as on your profile page through BlogLink.

Let us know, in the comments below, if you found this useful and any other future topics you’d like to see us address in The Nitty Gritty.