Read all about it! This Week’s Top Line News Summary – 10/13/09

Last week we shared with you our firm’s “Top Line News Summary” which included highlights from three sectors including retail, HR/management, and the markets.

This week our media relations professionals highlight three different sectors: banking, insurance, and real estate.

Banking: From JP Morgan Chase & Co. to regional lenders, banks will begin reporting third-quarter earnings this week. According to The Wall Street Journal, analysts are poised for negative results.  All eyes will focus on the markets for reactions based on the earnings announcements.

Insurance: The bipartisan war rages on in the comprehensive health legislation debate.  According to The New York Times, Karen M. Ignagni, president of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), cited a PricewaterhouseCoopers report on Sunday predicting that healthcare premiums will spiral out of control if the Senate Finance Committee bill passes.  While Republicans broadly support the findings, Democrats argue that the report is politically movitated—“a health insurance company hatchet job.”

Real Estate:  Reuters is reporting that Capmark Financial Group Inc., the commercial real estate company created through a 2006 leveraged buyout of GMAC assets, is preparing to file for bankruptcy as soon as next week.  Capmark has three commercial real estate businesses: lending and mortgage banking, investments and funds management, and  servicing.  As of June 30, the company had more than $288 billion in commercial real estate loans.

What are YOU reading this week?

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