Read all about it! This Week’s Top Line News Summary – 10/26/09


It’s Monday.  The Yankees are going to the World Series (which could be good or bad news for you), and it’s time again for our weekly preview of this week’s headlines in the industries we follow the most.  Last week we focused on markets, HR/Management and personal finance.  This week our media relations professionals highlight healthcare, real estate, and markets.  Happy reading!

Healthcare:  For those following healthcare reform headlines, you might be in for some news this week.  According to WSJ, Senate Democrats will unveil their health bill as soon as tomorrow.  The bill is expected to expand health coverage by offering low and mid-income families subsidies to offset insurance costs.

Real Estate: Real Estate has something in common with the bankruptcy industry this week:  Capmark Financial Group.   Bloomberg is reporting that Capmark, one of the largest U.S. commercial real estate finance companies, filed for bankruptcy protection after posting a second-quarter loss of about $1.6 billion.  Capmark was one of the largest investors in strip malls, office buildings and hotels.  According to the attorney handling the bankruptcy case, “all the businesses will be saved and continue with Capmark or will be sold as going concerns for full value.”

Markets:  Oil is fueling the markets today.  U.S. stocks opened higher, pushing the Dow industrials back above 10,000 as higher oil prices lifted the energy sector.  According to WSJ, the news helped investors and analysts become more positive about Q3 earnings.

What caught YOUR eye today?

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