12 ½ reasons why PR should lead social media efforts

It’s counterproductive to claim territories when there’s more than enough work to go around.

But, the fact is, our PR clients are feeling internal pressure. There are lots of people who want a slice of the social media pie.  PR leaders are being asked to defend their marketing credentials to folks who may not even understand what public relations professionals do each day.

Their colleagues in sales, advertising, customer service, HR and IT all want control of that digital media PR budget. I understand why they’d ask…I just don’t think they’re as well equipped to head the effort.

Here’s why PR should lead:

  • We are storytellers: thought leadership is already in our DNA
  • We begin – not end — every project with an analysis of how to approach influencers
  • We are already trained to empathize and converse with different audiences (at the same time)
  • We know how to earn…and keep…attention
  • We think strategically, but are willing to do tactical “dirty work”
  • We can build marketing action out of customer service activity
  • We understand that it’s not about us – our job has always been to connect others
  • We’re falling in love with analytics…not running scared
  • We are sensitive to the new “reporters,” from customers to bloggers to organizations
  • We can mix story spectacle with practical to-do’s, the Holy Grail in social media
  • We’re required to leverage “what’s next” for our clients
  • We build content, all day long, every day

Bonus reason?

  • We understand that the PR label may not exist in a few years. But we’re not sitting around waiting for the axe to fall.

Do you think PR should lead social media? Or are you annoyed that I opened up that can of worms?

Photo courtesy Pink Sherbet under Creative Commons license.