Resources for PR Professionals Navigating Social Media, the Financial Services Industry & Compliance

As PR professionals, we’re charged with helping our clients implement social media strategies that complement our on-going traditional media relations work. But in highly regulated industries – i.e. financial services – we often run up against legal and compliance issues that can derail even the most brilliant social media strategies.

So taking inspiration from Chris Brogan’s recent article asking readers to point out who is “Doing it Right,” here is the beginning of “who’s doing it right” (in my opinion) when it comes to social media, compliance challenges and the financial services industry.

  • Blog: Web Strategist: A list of financial services organizations and their goings-on in the social media world. Includes a good descriptor of activities with links to results. Looks like it’s going to be updated again soon, but check out the blog responses for more examples.
  • Blog: Jason Falls, Social Media Explorer: Posted one of the most comprehensive overviews on leveraging social media in highly regulated industries. It’s a must-read for PR professionals trying to navigate the complex world of marketing and social media in banking, pharmaceuticals, insurance and publicly traded companies.
  • Blog: David Meerman Scott, Webinknow: In addition to being an all-around social media/marketing guru, wrote an excellent post on Putnam Investment’s social media strategy. Points out that some of our “compliance challenges” may not be as challenging as we think…
  • Blog: The IR Web Report: This consulting firm offers strategies, regulatory news and insights…very helpful when talking to financial services clients about incorporating any social media strategies into IR work. But keep in mind that compliance with SEC  guidelines is paramount when dealing with publicly traded companies.
  • Association: The American Bankers Association: The go-to resource for bankers has a great set of tips for non-traditional communications (read: social media) and compliance.
  • Association/Blog: The Blog Council: Posted a series of checklists to help organizations and employees create social media guidelines. Helpful downloads. As a living document it’s continually updated.
  • Blog/Twitterfeed: Visible Banking: A great blog and Twitter feed (@visiblebanking). Keeps track of industry news and what financial services companies are doing in the social media sphere.
  • Twitterfeed:@ComplianceWeek: From ComplianceWeek magazine and newsletter. Regular postings on new regulations impacting financial services organizations.

Have any additions? Did I omit any heavy hitters? Leave them here or contact me at or @meghanlantier. More to come!

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