Skills for Future Leaders?

In a recent conversation with my mom she told me that, after my first week of kindergarten, the teacher said I was quite lively and insistent compared to my older sister, who at that age was sweet and agreeable. She then said my mother needed to work on channeling that energy into productive actions. I’m not sure how successful my mom was at the time, but the story has stuck with me and got me thinking about the traits and skills we look for in our future marketing leaders.

When I asked PR firm heads from the B2B Group of the Worldcom Public Relations Group what they look for in their future senior marketing professionals they said: persuasiveness and optimism, as well as passion and intellectual curiosity.
When asked about the “skills,” rather than personality traits they are looking for in their future team members, firms offered:

• Business strategy/knowledge— 43%
• More social media skills—29%
• Strong writing skills—24%
• Web/digital knowledge—14%
• Integrated marketing capabilities—10%

While business strategy and knowledge are clearly important, I pleasantly noted that “more social media skills” came in second. Well rounded practitioners who can solve client challenges will always be welcome, but people who can do that while creatively integrating marketing, digital, social and PR to serve a client’s bottom line – that is a mix much sought after.

What traits or skills are you looking for in your future marketing and communications leaders? Maybe the next time we are interviewing we should ask what personality trait they displayed strongest in kindergarten!


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