Television Publicity Series, Part II: How to Get Booked on TV

We hope you enjoyed Part I of the Television Publicity series. In this post, we reveal four tips on how to get booked on TV:

1) Brand a concept. We often emphasize the importance of thought leadership to distinguish your voice within industry discourse. To get quoted, branding your thought leadership is critical. This entails creating colorful terminology and repeated promotion.  For one client, BDO USA, this meant leveraging insights from a blog post on consumer stratification and continually positioning it to the media as “The Tale of Two Consumers Concept”.  Click here to see LA Times coverage and view the below CNBC clip to see how branding thought leadership results in coverage.


2) Identify a trend. The media gravitates to spokespeople who can offer detailed and forward looking analysis. For one client, KeyBanc Capital Markets, we were able to satisfy the CNBC Squawk on the Street production team’s interest in retail trends by emphasizing a unique claim and prediction about retailer Buckle. As a result, the client has been featured in three segments on the topic.  See the segments by clicking here and here and here.

3) Take a stance. Thought leadership carries the most weight when you focus on a controversial topic and provide an affirmative position backed by research. Take our client Bruce McCain, Chief Investment Strategist at Key Private Bank for example.  Given ongoing outreach around his long-standing conviction that inflation is an imminent concern, we secured a five minute CNBC Squawk Box segment, The Fed’s Next Move, focused solely on his stance.

4)  Speak beyond product promotion. We need to strike a balance between thoughtful exposure and blatant promotion by identifying the product’s news value and industry relevance.  As seen in Television Publicity Part I, this is demonstrated in brokerage firm client IG Markets’ CEO Spotlight appearance  on Bloomberg TV’s Taking Stock with Pimm Fox. It promotes a limited risk financial instrument against the backdrop of how to play the currency market. The exchange carefully mentioned several times during this segment is also a client.

More tips on how to get booked on TV will come in tomorrow’s final post in this Television Publicity series.

What type of information can you bring to the broadcast media’s attention?

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