The Client Project that Made Me Smile the Most This Year

Fun, for me, is:

  • Holding my 6 year old upside down until he giggles
  • Watching the Golden Globes instead of the Giants this weekend
  • Sneaking a good piece of fiction into my business travel

Sometimes work is not fun. There are lots of good reasons for that.  Budgets grow smaller, project scopes change and turnover happens.

Once in awhile, you have a project that puts a smile on your face.  This one made my year a little brighter.

Our client, Life University, is the world’s largest chiropractic school. They have a mission that goes way beyond Chiropractic, though. Simply put, they want you to start thinking about your health in a new way.

Dr. Guy Riekeman, President of Life University, believes “your body knows better.”  He hopes each of us will begin listening more carefully to the signs our body is giving – and then act on that innate intelligence.  We can start to do this with lifestyle changes of clean diet, appropriate sleep, exercise, healthy attitude and having our nervous system free from interference.

From a marketing perspective, Dr. Riekeman has been a terrific client for many reasons. He has great ideas to share, he has lived a rich life (entrepreneur, author, film student, among others) and he is a dynamic storyteller. The real bonus?  He has a sense of humor and is willing to try new things.

So, when we launched his new blog, we wanted people to “meet him” in an exciting new way.  Instead of a boring biography, we worked with Jonathan Mann of TedMed fame to create a song that summarizes Dr. Riekeman’s life and his philosophy.

The result? A song that stayed in my head for weeks and put a smile on my face for months. Give it a listen here:

The song has been incredibly well received by his old – and new – audiences. (And I still listen to it, just for fun.)

So why am I telling you about this?  After all, we rarely blog about clients. But I honestly believe digital marketers need a creative jolt this year.

I want to encourage you to think more creatively about your 2012 marketing content and thought leadership. Digital PR offers you new ways to package and share information. Why not take advantage of that and experiment?

Have you tried a new approach to packaging your marketing content? Will you share it with us?


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