The Nitty Gritty: Basic HTML

As B2B organizations dip their toes into social media on a larger scale, agency folks have been tasked with assisting the C-suite on all levels.  Part of these projects may be setting up a blog or pointing out a specific blog post for response. Both of these tasks can potentially have HTML coding involved in the creation process to properly express oneself, even with the most user-friendly of platforms.  Even if your participation in social media is limited to the social media news release, some basic HTML can be quite handy.

Thankfully we’ve come full circle from the days of manually inserting coding into pages and most of the tags anyone would need to know for basic commenting or any manual edits are those that we used way back when. There’s no real need, at this level, for fancy scripts, tables, or anything else. Just the basics – links, images, underlining text, hyperlinking and similar – just want you need to get your content out there.

We’ve created a basic HyperText Markup Language (HTML) cheat sheet covering the basics of text formatting and the insertion of graphics on various blogging and commenting platforms.  Download & open it here and feel free to share with your peers (provided, of course, attribution remains intact).

These few bits of code should get you off to a running start when it comes to formatting for the web.  Let us know – what other formatting commands would interest you, or other Nitty Gritty tutorials would you find handy?

Image courtesy Marjan Krebelj