The Value of a Letter – Introducing Our New Brand

The most meaningful brands are personal to us. They mirror our principles and our beliefs.

It is why we developed our new brand within the hallways of our firm. Our team reflected on our reputation, our culture and the values that drive all of us. 

It was this focus and passion that led to what you start to see today.

The “B” in Bliss is a powerful symbol to us. It’s a playful way to remind ourselves of what matters at any moment.     

For example:

             Bliss is a 46-year-old firm. We have a legacy to keep building. 

             B Nice. Are we treating everyone with equal respect?

             B Curious. Let us develop what’s next now. 

We think of what our “B” means as we create new models and offerings or interact within our firm or think of how we conduct ourselves outside of work. 

Our B shows a paintbrush-like swath of color for a reason. Yes, we are data-driven and love building new analytics models, but we realize our best work is a combination of art and science. 

We imagine each client opportunity as a new canvas. As we sit in our chair with our palette of paint, we create the right opportunity every time.  

That swath reflects our desire to give each client our best thinking. Not yesterday’s ideas. 

We look forward to exploring what’s next with you on our new website. It is fair to say that we will cover a broad range of topics from “B to Z.” 

Thank you to our clients and our team members for making it possible for a firm like The Bliss Group to join together and build value for all of us each and every day.   


Bob, Cortney and Michael