Thought Leadership – What Should be on Your Social Media Checklist?

A starter social media checklist

  1. Press Release – Draft SEO-optimized press release by identifying related keywords and including (as much as possible) in headlines and sub-heads
  2. Posting – Post the press release on company website, Facebook and LinkedIn page
  3. Email Signatures – Ask employees to edit their email signatures to include a link to the press release or report on company website
  4. LinkedIn – Encourage employees on LinkedIn to update their “status update” to include a link to press release or report
  5. Twitter – Create Tweets including information from press release, linking back to company website. Use either for company or employee representative handles.
  6. Facebook– Develop Facebook status updates with highlights from press release
  7. Media – Monitor resulting media coverage and link to articles via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, as appropriate
  8. Discussion – Create discussion via company LinkedIn group (and/or other relevant groups) on thought leadership
  9. Blogs – Identify relevant blogs and comment on appropriate posts, linking back to press release or report
  10. YouTube/Slideshare – If there is a video or PowerPoint component to the thought leadership, post on YouTube or Slideshare, respectively


**I should note that this checklist assumes that the company has developed a presence on the common social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn


What else is on your social media list? Anything to add?


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