Three Easy Sources of Digital Content


Today, it’s easier than ever to publish and spread digital content.  But it’s as hard as ever to figure out what to say – and how to say it.  According to our survey of professional services firms conducted earlier this year, “time commitment” and “concerns about refreshing online content” are what B2B communicators fear most about content marketing.

The good news is that B2B organizations already have a great deal of content at their fingertips. It’s based on a combination of three things:  (1) Expertise; (2) Deep industry relationships and (3) Data.

  • Expertise.   Among the questions to ask yourself:
    • When you think about your recent work with clients, are you seeing trends in the market?  The same problem over and over again?
    • Can you sum up your recommended solutions in the form of “how to” advice?  Can you create a list of tips or success factors?
    • How is your work today different from your work last year?  Have you broken new ground?  Over time, do you see new rules/success factors emerging?
  • Relationships.
    • Do you have relationships with industry leaders?  Policymakers?  Associations?
    • Are there opinion leaders you can call on for speeches?  Stories? Quotes?  Points-of-view?
    • Is there an opportunity to conduct a Q&A interview with them on video or in print?  To host a roundtable discussion with them on a newsworthy topic?
  • Data.
    • Do you have access to proprietary data?  Examples include transaction data, claims data, sales/service trends, enrollment trends, incident reports, frequently asked questions.
    • If not, is there an opportunity to gather data via surveys, focus groups, forums, social audits and/or analyses of publicly available data?

Content is all around you. The only hard part is identifying it, packaging it and putting it on display.

Where will your content come from in 2012?


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