Three things to look for in your workplace OR why I still work here?

Tenure at PR firms is rare. I suppose that is why I get frequent questions about mine. I’ve been with BlissPR since 2003. Last week I was asked why, three separate times. My answer has always been the same: there are lots of reasons but essentially I like and respect the people I work with.  Upon reflecting further I have three reasons which can also be things to look for in your own workplace:

The power of positive thinking.

More than a self help book, this mantra should permeate your work-life. We all have our moments (or weeks for that matter) but overall your teams, boss and colleagues should all see the glass half full. Positive attitudes are infectious, but so are negative, so surround yourself with people who enjoy the side where the grass is green.

Supportive Challenge

People grow the most from challenges, stretching, being outside their comfort zone. But you want to know people have your back while you are out on a limb experimenting. It starts in grade school and it never really stops. Make sure you find a workplace that pushes you towards challenges but supports you while you experiment.

Creative Commons

A popular Flickr site yes, but also what your workplace should be.  Whether you are an introvert who does their best thinking solo, or a gregarious person who loves to brainstorm with a crowd, being in a place that fosters creative thinking is important.

I am not naïve enough to suggest you will always like everyone you work with or you won’t have “those days” but overall it is important that your workforce is a positive, supportive, challenging place the fosters creativity. It’s what I found, and it’s pretty much why I stay.

What attracts you to your workplace?

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