What Technology Accomplishes is Up to Us

Technology makes our dreams come alive. It allows us to remove barriers in our brains and imagine how a solution might come about. It leads us to think of a world without a need for passwords.

It makes us wonder why all our healthcare information can’t be available to us in a personalized cloud … today.

It inspires us to think of how technology can democratize who can access it and build a successful business, often with far less cash than needed in the past. It helps us learn from friends anywhere in the world.

Technology is inspiring, and it’s why we’re focused on building a technology practice that empowers entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams through the use of technology.

We realize that transformational changes in society require us to keep up with their progress. In our world, it means that we are always learning how technologies work, such as blockchain, or taking the time to understand how an entire field, like artificial intelligence, can be used in myriad ways.

We also realize that any technology, in the wrong hands, can cause trouble, leading to an increase in cybercrime, ransomware, counterfeiting and countless new ways to steal, misinform and wreak havoc.

Our team has a responsibility to provide an offering that promotes new technologies and protects us from their use by bad actors.

We live in a fascinating time. A time where an app we never heard of became the fastest-growing app in history and is now the most visited site in the world. We know it as TikTok.

A time where Goldman Sachs now has 12,000 engineers, or one of every four employees.

The list of amazing technology-related advances and investments can go on forever, it seems, but that’s actually not what gets us the most excited.

Our team loves speaking with entrepreneurs who share their vision for the future and ask us to be part of the solution to ensure their audience knows and understands what is possible.

We know that money fuels technology advances, which is why we are focused on partnering with companies in their journey from an idea through numerous funding rounds to an IPO and beyond.

Being in technology for decades, we realize that a technological advance doesn’t mean anyone automatically cares. Every advance requires a narrative that does it justice in explaining how the technology works and why it’s valuable.

Technology unlocks us and we unlock it.

What’s equally fascinating about technology is how it evolves how we work in incremental steps that may initially sound mundane but are arguably revolutionary.

Understanding the history of how technology evolves informs the present. Dale Laszig, who writes the Street Smarts column for Green Sheet, said it best when she recently reflected on how “the password-less journey in payments requires the same guiding principles that informed early hardware designs.”

Understanding the economic cycles that impact technology’s advance is also critical, particularly related to valuation. Gregory Bedrosian, Managing Partner and CEO of Drake Star Partners said, “Before the downturn, people were asking me to be introduced to technology companies that were changing the world. Today, they are asking to be introduced to companies that are EBIDTA positive.”

A change in how we value companies also deserves a change in how we tell their story.

Our media models are designed to reach the right people within the 5.5 billion people who are online today. Our job is to make it simple to reach our core audience in a world where we have seven billion Google searches a day and view videos 6.5 billion times daily. The world may be increasingly complex, which is why our analytics-driven media models must be increasingly clear and scalable.

And about those billions of people, we never forget that we have an obligation to utilize technology in a manner that is responsible and, when possible, addresses societal problems in new ways.

Our team has expertise in how to combat misinformation and disinformation, so that we can diminish or even avoid its impact. We believe that building a reputation in today’s society requires equal skill in defending it via the most recent uses of technology, including expertise in the deep and dark web.

We live in a world that’s battling issues, ranging from climate change to malnutrition. It’s why we’re going big in building a purpose-driven offering that can help leaders imagine how their technology can drive revenue for shareholders and opportunities for citizens of our world.

Technology will always transform society as we know it.

What matters is how we apply it to make a difference.

It’s why we wake up every morning imagining how our clients will contribute to improving our world. Our vehicle to help them includes media relations, brand positioning and all the things you would expect across communications, public affairs and marketing.

When our day ends, we ask ourselves if we’re making a difference through our support of some of the smartest technology entrepreneurs in the world.

It’s a question that will never end and never gets old.

By Bob Pearson, Cortney Stapleton and Janine Savarese

This article was originally published in the November 2022 issue of O’Dwyer’s PR Magazine.