What’s in Business News This Week? This Week’s Top Line News Summary – 11/16/09

Have a case of the “Mondays?” We have the perfect cure – our weekly preview of the week’s headlines in the industries we follow the most. Last week we focused on healthcare, retail and markets. This week our media relations professionals highlight real estate, bankruptcy and retail. Happy reading!

Real Estate:  The credit-starved commercial real estate industry will face a first today – the sale of commercial mortgage backed securities under a government designed rescue plan. According to WSJ, The Developers Diversified’s debt sale will “pave the way for other CMBS deals and help uncork a market that had been one of the most important funding sources for commercial real estate in the past decade.” We’ll be watching closely how this one plays out.

Bankruptcy: According to an article in this morning’s Wall Street Journal, the “bankruptcy boom is going bust.” After one of the worst periods for corporate bankruptcies, failures have started to slow and companies that were on the verge of going under are refinancing their balance sheets to give them a new lease of life. Does this mean a brighter 2010 ahead?

Retail:  U.S. retail sales rebounded from the year’s biggest drop last month with a 1.4% increase (up from a 2.3% drop in September). The increase helps ease concerns that consumers will sit on their wallets after government incentives ended, and economists argue that this increase could bode well for the upcoming holiday season. Read more via Bloomberg.

What will YOU be looking out for in business news this week?


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