What’s in Business News this Week? This Week’s Top Line News Summary – 11/23/09

What do new retail banking legislation, soaring commodities prices and the healthcare reform bill have in common?  All will be making headlines as this week unfolds.

This Monday our weekly Top Line News Summary highlights three different sectors: banking, healthcare, and the markets.  Last week we covered bankruptcy, real estate and retail – more to come next week from our primary sectors.  To sign up to receive these posts regularly, click here.

Without further ado, look for these topics to make the news this week:

Banking: With the Fed issuing a new rule that will require banks to get customer consent before they charge overdraft fees and Congress looking to draft legislation in the coming months on just this topic, it’s opportune timing that U.S. banks are easing how much they charge their customers in overdraft fees.  A new study from Moebs Services Inc. found that during the last 5 months, U.S. banks raised their standard overdraft fees at the slowest rate in 17 years, which is good news for those customers struggling in the wake of the recession.

Healthcare:  President Obama’s healthcare reform bill finally landed on the Senate floor.  Expect more news in the coming weeks as Democratic and Republican leaders debate major issues – the public option being one of them.  To read more: please click here.

Markets: There’s a lot of action in the markets today with home sales numbers released and soaring commodities and gold prices.  October home sales were up 10.1%, beating expectations.  The Dow gained more than 100 points and other stock indexes leapt as commodities prices soared amid dollar weakness.  Gold jumped to fresh record highs as metals prices rallied, defying underlying fundamentals as the unprecedented weight of investment money helped lift the markets to fresh 2009 highs.

What will YOU be looking out for in business news this week?

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