What’s in Business News This Week? This Week’s Top Line News Summary – 1/4/10

The first Monday back in the office from a holiday break is always tough. If you’re looking for some headlines as you ease back in to your hectic schedule, we’ve got you covered! This week our public relations professionals highlight retail, markets and personal finance. Happy reading – and Happy 2010!

Retail: Today’s Wall Street Journal reports that retail stocks started on a positive note as projected December sales likely beat Wall Street expectations. According to analysts, retailers likely made or exceeded plans for December based on last-minute shopping for Christmas and post-holiday bargains. Chain Store Sales results will be released this Thursday so we’ll be keeping an eye on that as well.

Markets: U.S. stocks ratcheted higher on the first trading day of the year as the dollar sank and the price of commodities rose – in early trading, the Dow Jones Industrial rose 1.3%. January tends to be a bellwether for the year to come so we expect investors to watch the stock market’s movement closely this month. Read more here.

Personal Finance: As we kick off the New Year, many of us are mulling over our New Year’s resolutions, and fixing finances in 2010 seems to be at the top of many people’s resolution list. Karen Blumenthal of the Wall Street Journal offers a year’s worth of personal-finance aspirations, timed to major holidays, to raise your chances to successfully fix your finances in 2010. Among them: save more, educate yourself, prepare for new credit card rules, and get your annual credit score. To learn more, go here.

What will YOU be looking out for in business news this week?


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