What’s New in Business News this Week? This Week’s Top-Line News Summary

What would Monday be without a BlissPR top-line news summary? For recent news bites and your reading pleasure, our public relations professionals highlight headlines about insurance, bankruptcy and banking.

Insurance News: In an address to the country on Saturday, President Obama urged Congress to expedite the legislative review process of the health care reform. According to The New York Times, Obama highlighted specific elements of the bill that would go into effect immediately after the passage of the plan: coverage for adults and children with pre-existing illness and tax credits for small business owners.

Bankruptcy: It is highly likely that Japan Airlines (JAL), Asia’s largest airline, will file for bankruptcy protection as part of a State led restructuring. JAL, which has more than $16 billion in liabilities, will be one of the largest corporate failures in Japanese history if the bankruptcy happens. Read more: here.

Banking: With JPM kicking-off bank earnings on Friday, the focus will shift back to banker bonuses. Banks are bracing themselves for both public criticism regarding big banker payouts and from their workers, who will be receiving a larger proportion of their annual compensation in stock as opposed to cash. The Wall Street Journal details the bonus situation at the biggest banks on Wall Street.

What headlines spark YOUR interest today?

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