What’s New in Business News this Week? This Week’s Top-Line News Summary

Last night at the Grammy’s all eyes were on big winners like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Kings of Leon and Lady Gaga. This week in business news, B2B PR professionals at BlissPR have nominated Obama’s budget, Real Estate and Retail as the areas to watch.

Obama’s Budget:  President Obama released today the annual budget. Overall spending is expected to climb to $3.83 trillion and the national deficit is expected to shoot up to $1.26 trillion. Read more here.

Commercial Real Estate: REITs are still facing difficulties with decreasing rents and occupancies, but they have rebounded from March ’09 lows. The nature of investing in REITS, according to this article in the Wall Street Journal, has changed: formerly a stable and steady source of cash flow, REITs may now track the broader market, and many investors are now looking for growth opportunities. We are at or near the bottom of the CRE market, but it may be a long time before buildings begin to show increased value. If you’re looking for undervalued REITs, be aware that prices may already reflect an anticipated CRE recovery.

Retail: The Wall Street Journal provides an in-depth look at the e-book battle between Amazon and Apple, which came as a result of Apple’s launch of the iPad. On Sunday, Amazon halted all sales of books published by Macmillan in efforts to face the challenge of potentially raising prices to match Apple’s pricing terms for the iPad.

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