What’s Next in Content?

It’s a combination of what has worked for centuries combined with the latest advances in analytics and technology.

It’s a combination of understanding the narrative of our client and the narrative of its customers who decide on what is truly relevant. 

It’s a combination of art, science and expertise.

It’s why we are thrilled to announce that Colleen Jones and the Content Science team are joining The Next Practices Group today. We are on a shared mission to advance and evolve how we think of “content” in the years ahead. 

Here’s a few examples of our thinking:

We center our narrative development on the ABCDE model (audience, behavior, content, delivery, evaluation). This model is a continuum, which means that our ability to combine the best of analytics, psychological modeling and content science will increase our ability to create narratives that are meaningful. 

We know that our ability to build agile content, understand its impact and then adjust our approach is what every client desires.  This requires a strong dose of science, a healthy expertise in understanding how all forms of media work (PESO) and the ability to create, design, write, develop and formulate ideas that turn into powerful stories, moments and narratives. 

We also see a future where a client’s ability to effectively deal with mis and disinformation will be considered a normal part of reputational work. Information that is wrong can damage a brand’s reputation, put customers at risk and lead to a new set of issues that leading companies will proactively prepare for and address. 

The list goes on, but you can see why we are jazzed to combine our talents to build models and techniques that will provide our clients with advantage and protection in tomorrow’s marketplace.

Read more about this new partnership in our press release.

By Bob Pearson, CEO