Our Philosophy

We are marketing communications experts, yet we are a work in progress. At The Bliss Group, we believe in discovering and keeping our fingers on the pulse of what’s next for our clients, for our profession and for our own personal growth. We strive to get better at our craft every day. 

Our Team

Bob Pearson


Cortney Stapleton
Managing Partner

Michael Roth
Managing Partner

Liz DeForest

Co-Leader of the Healthcare Practice

Reed Handley

Head of Growth

Greg Hassel

Co-Leader of the Financial Services Practice

Miles Hill
SVP, Professional Services

Julia Bloch Mellon

Co-Leader of the Financial Services Practice

Alexis Odesser

Head of Account Excellence

Sally Slater

Head of Innovation

Bill Smith

Head of PESO Media

Keri Toomey

Leader of the Business & Professional Services Practice

Alana Gold
VP, Professional Services

Erin Harrison

Erin Harrison   VP

Lauren Hendrickson    VP

Courtland Long

Courtland Long VP

Janice Miller

Janice Miller

Megan Tuck     VP

Leader of Corporate Affairs

We're proud to be geeks. We love navigating regulated industries, addressing complex problems and figuring out what leads to success for our clients every day. Your problems and opportunities fuel our workflow.   

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Our Communities

We do not believe in sitting on the sidelines. Our professionals are actively engaged in industry, business and community organizations.

We give our time by serving on boards.

We speak at industry events.

We author points of view on significant topics and trends.

We do what we are capable of doing to improve our world one step at a time.

Check out some of the ways we are striving to add value to our clients, our firm, our industry, and the world around us.

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