Helping B2B Marketing Clients Get Started on Facebook: A Resource Guide

Almost every B2B client of mine is curious about Facebook. Who wouldn’t be? It’s much more than a social network, it’s actually the third largest “country” in the world.

Despite that, B2B marketers prefer to ignore it. Or, to keep it compartmentalized as a recruiting or a philanthropic hub. But shouldn’t you dream bigger than just creating a press release warehouse or “like” inventory?

Facebook offers low cost, simple ways to activate the audiences you care about – quickly. Polls, custom landing pages, contests can be done be done within days or even hours. But in our own programs, we’ve seen that the most successful Facebook “footprints” concentrate on doing one thing really well.

Every winning B2B brand shares content that matters to their audience. It need not always be their own content, but they have to:

1)      Understand what matters to their audience

2)      Share content that hits on community needs, pain points and opportunities

3)      Talk, discuss, converse and engage every day, multiple times a day about those issues

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve curated a list of resources to help you get started:

The Basics:

Thought Leadership



Case Studies*

*This list has many B2C examples – there just are not a lot of stand-out B2Bs. If you know of one you like, will you add it in the comments section?


Special thanks must go to Inside Facebook, our very favorite blog on Facebook developments. We urge you to subscribe.

What about you? Will you share your Facebook starting successes and failures with us? Is there a resource that you’d add to the list?

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