Key Players for Launching a B2B Blog

Earlier I covered what steps a B2B organization’s thought leaders should undertake to establish their own digital footprint in advance of launching a social media program (link to post).  More recently I’ve been discussing some Nitty Gritty topics covering some hands-on instruction in using the available social media platforms.

Now let’s take a look to see how these (and other parts) all play together.  In addition to an organization’s thought leaders and an agency’s account and support staff, there are 4 major roles (which may be split among as many folks as necessary) that need to be filled when setting up and planning for the Bouncing Baby Blog. Two each on the client and agency side:

Infographic of key players needed to launch B2B Blog

The Inside Marketing Person – To ensure there’s complete company buy-in and to break down doors if there’s any slacking on the company side, either from the thought leaders or the support staff. It helps if the project is blessed by the C-Suite.

The Internal Techie Person – To handle setting up the blog from a technical standpoint, including dealing with any disclaimers/compliance issues that they’d normally have to deal with and all the internal technical matters (domain name registration, subdomain setup, ensuring a backup system is in place, etc.).

The Agency Account Person(s) – The person (or people) who know the account on a day-to-day basis.  They’ll figure out who will do what, what content can be repurposed, and they have an organic knowledge of what the account is all about and can coordinate directly with The Inside Marketing Person but leave the internal politics to them.

The Agency Techie – Who doesn’t require as much technical skills as The Internal Techie Person but is also an account person at heart and understands the agency goals. They can’t do the hands on stuff because of time, compliance or access issues.  They also need to be able to “call out” any claim that something can’t happen technologically and coordinate with The Internal Techie Person.

As mentioned, each of these folks will rely on their support staffs and the thought leaders within their organization.  However, a team composed this way, who understands each of their responsibilities can work together to birth the Bouncing Baby Blog.