New CNBC Video Platform Enhances PR Opportunities

CNBC recently enhanced its digital video platform to make searching and sharing its vast online content easier to find, view and share.  These new features are primarily designed to benefit traders, investors and analysts who frequent the site, but they can also benefit your PR program. Here is how:

1) Transcripts Boost SEO. Each video is accompanied by a searchable transcript. While the transcripts may not include all of the keywords you identified in your B2B Social Media Audit Checklist, it is likely they will contain a few that enhance SEO.  Copy and paste specific parts of the transcript that either contain identified keywords or focus on a topic you follow. Add commentary that does contain keywords in your description.  If you appear in the video, pull out your own quotes and match them with additional SEO friendly terms for posting on your site, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any other social media outposts you are present on.

2)  “Jump To” Feature Increases Visibility. Specific parts of clips can be viewed, saved and shared through the use of a “jump to” feature and availability of sharing tools to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Delicious, Digg and much more.  When you appear in the videos, leverage this feature to:

  • Showcase your thought leadership. If the segment was pitched strategically, you will be speaking on a topic of importance to you during the interview. Capture the specific part of the interview that best showcases your thought leadership and post it on your digital outposts.   Expand upon your points with visuals, graphics and/or a blog post.
  • Experiment. Gauge what excerpts garner the most viewership by posting and alternating different parts of the clips on social media sites. Analyzing the viewership can serve as a strategic listening tool and help guide what types of content you post where, as each community has varying levels of interest.

3) Commenting Offers Visibility. Leverage your exposure to CNBC’s sophisticated and engaged audience. Monitor and respond to comments about videos you appear in. If the commentator is a business prospect, connect with the person on LinkedIn and share videos, blog posts and other material you think they may be interested in. Likewise, comment on other videos as well – you never know who from CNBC and its audience is monitoring the conversations.

4) Categorization Aids Competitor Intelligence. Now, videos are categorized in more distinct categories (Top Video, U.S., Europe, Asia, CEOs and Analysts) to make tracking companies, topics and shows less time consuming. Strengthen your understanding of competitors by asking yourself: What shows are your competitors appearing on? What shows are your competitors not appearing on (hint: focus outreach there)? What topics are they discussing?  How are they communicating their point of view – is it much different than yours?  What are the weak points of the argument that create opportunity for you?

We are excited about CNBC’s enhanced video platform and are hopeful that other television networks will follow suit. How else do you think the enhancements benefit your PR initiatives? Do you see any room for additional improvement?


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